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CBD Distillate Vape Kit

1 ml per pod

Our kit comes with everything you need to start vaping the cleanest, smoothest, and naturally delicious CBD

Experience fast-acting relief and calm. Our new vape pods contain 55% Full Spectrum CBD Distillate (a total of 550 mg of CBD per pod)  – is 100% free of any additives and has our signature all-natural flavor.  This kit comes with a new, award-winning CCell battery, 1 vape pod, 1 USB charger. Contains under 0.2% THC

Best bio availability
No additives whatsoever
Full entourage effect
Approx 300 inhales with every charge
Easy magnetic connection for cartridges
Fits Either 0.5ml and 1.0ml Cartridges
Standard 510 thread
Activates on inhale
View lab results
Add to Cart £59.00
60 day money-back guarantee
Add to Cart £59.00

Certified Organic Swiss Hemp

Made in Switzerland

Used by Practitioners in Clinics

Manufactured in a GMP & FDA Registered Facility

Lab Tested by Third Party

Try Risk Free For 60 Days. Free & Easy Returns

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A Word From Our Formulator

Our distillate is made using a slow, repetitive CO2 extraction process that results in a highly concentrated, liquid form of CBD. Vaporizing CBD distillate is one of the fastest ways to experience its healing properties. When we vape, we inhale CBD into our lungs, which are in direct contact with our bloodstream – resulting in rapid absorption and effect.

To use the vaporizer, remove the rubber seals from the cartridge and insert the battery (the battery comes semi-charged,

which should be enough power for you to try the product before needing to charge it yourself. It will flash in various colors according to its remaining power levels).

Once the cartridge is properly screwed onto the battery, place the black ceramic rip of the vape into your mouth and gently inhale. Do not inhale for more than two seconds at a time. The distillate is rich in hemp terpenes and could cause slight irritation or coughing if used improperly. In the case of irritation, stop vaping and drink plenty of water.

Do not fill the vape with any materials other than the CBD distillate. Do not use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, take prescription medications or have a serious medical condition. Keep in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


* Our vape battery comes with a 6-month guarantee.


The Ingredients