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#legend: 5 places to get your CBD fix in Hong Kong

Hong Kongers are always on the hunt for new ways to de-stress from the daily hustle and bustle in one of the world’s most stressful cities. Enter Cannabidiol (CBD) – THC’s cannabis cousin – that is taking the city by storm

The ingredient, Cannabidiol (aka CBD), has become a popular component to treat indigestion, insomnia, anxiety, aches and other ailments. With the burgeoning demand for stress relief, businesses are finding innovative ways to infuse relaxation into everyday life. From spas to smoothies, we’ve compiled a list of the ultimate places to chill out with specialised CBD treatments.

The Oriental Spa

The Landmark Mandarin Oriental is the first five-star hotel to offer CBD sleep therapy. The hotel recently launched its new, ultra-soothing massage that incorporates a very special ingredient. Its Oriental Spa pairs signature oils and masterful massage techniques with pure CBD oil from Swiss wellness brand, Kiara.

Kiara sources its CBD from hand-picked buds grown in the Swiss Alps and has been utilising the powers of cannabis and other plants for years to treat a variety of health concerns.

The spa creates the ultimate slumber-stimulator by combining pressure points that promote restfulness with a tincture of Kiara’s CBD oil. For the best results, the pharmaceutical-grade substance is both ingested and applied directly onto the skin during the 90-minute session.

The Oriental Spa, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Central, +852 2132 0011


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