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About Us

We bottle the power of nature, the rigor of science and the spirit of healers to create potent, precise and proprietary plant formulations that enhance everyday wellness, while building long term health.

Kiara has been formulating hemp and plant-based remedies since 2005

We are headquartered in Appenzellerland, Switzerland, where we grow, harvest, and extract the highest quality plants we can get our hands on

Made with Respect

Our remedies are crafted with respect for the earth, the body, and our customers. We use naturally grown, pesticide-free hemp, alongside other organic, responsibly-sourced plants. We formulate our products in a GMP certified, FDA approved facility in the Swiss Alps and undergo third-party testing, guaranteeing the highest standards of production, safety and consistency.

Inspired by Tradition

Pharmaceutical rigor is only one part of the equation - equally important is the spirit that guides our process. We incorporate rituals from the Native American Red Road, shamanic cultures of Mexico and ancient European traditions from the moment we plant our first seeds, to the moment we ship our finished products. We cleanse, purify and pray that our creams will soothe your skin, our tinctures relieve your pain, and our capsules enhance your focus.

Guided by Intention

We are not here to sell isolated, buzzworthy molecules – we are here to promote healthy living. We draw on extensive professional experience in clinical herbalism and pharmaceutical practice to create genuine, proprietary and potent formulations that marry the unique healing properties of plants with the precise needs of our customers.

Powered by Community

We aim to build a community of people empowered by transparent information, holistic education and healthy living. We will always equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to make informed, healthy decisions: from clear product information and dedicated support, to an active educational forum, to the Kiara House - open to anyone wishing to see, hear and learn more about plant medicine. Join our global Facebook community

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Join the global community of highly experienced clinical herbalists, natural therapists, osteopaths and formulators committed to providing clear, professional and reliable information about natural medicine to those who seek it. Because natural medicine requires the guidance of professionals – not enthusiasts.