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Plants and Passion meet Swiss Quality

We are passionate alternative therapists that have dedicated our lives to studying and formulating plant medicine. We make all our products ourselves, in small batches in Appenzellerland, Switzerland.

Swiss Perfection in every drop. Feel the difference.

Kiara is more than just a plant extract company. We are a family business and our home is in the Swiss Alps where we grow, extract and formulate almost all of our certified organic hemp. What we can’t grow ourselves we purchase from fair trade family businesses with whom we have had long-term relationships.

We are devoted to the mission of providing potent, high-quality CBD products that utilize some of the most therapeutic natural remedies on earth. Our products combine the healing therapeutic qualities of hemp with time-honored natural healing plants created with the highest production standard to ensure every drop is of the highest quality.

We only use Swiss grown, certified Bio-Swiss-hemp which guarantees that all our products are GMO-free, free of pesticides, heavy metals, and artificial fertilizers.

Safety, Transparency, Certifications

People use our remedies to support serious ailments, so we have to make sure every product that leaves our factory meets the highest safety protocols and strictest regulations. All our CBD is certified Bio Suisse and all our products are manufactured in a GMP-, Swiss Medic- and FDA registered facility. We then send out everything for further 3rd party testing with TÜV-SÜD.

The #1 choice of natural Practitioners, used in over 200 clinics across Europe

We partner with healthcare professionals, providing them with personalized training, knowledge, and the guidance they need to easily integrate CBD- and medicinal plant products into their practice.
We are now trusted by over 200 clinics and send out thousands of monthly shipments to clinics across Europe.

Kiara Care – Supporting our Community

Community is everything to us – every purchase made through Kiara directly contributes to subsidizing products for those in great need, but with little means.

On a monthly basis, Kiara provides subsidized treatments to those that are in need of assistance but do not have access to it.

Meet the founders

Long before CBD and adaptogenic plants were trending on social media we had been studying the many therapeutic uses of medicinal plants; mastering their cultivation and crafting synergistic formulations that gave people a new solution to an existing problem.

Boaz “Bobo” Lehman, our Co-Founder and Head of RnD and Product Development embodies the vision of Kiara. Boaz's relationship with medical plants started already in 2005 when he witnessed the power of plants first-hand while traveling the world gaining a wealth of first-hand ethnobotanical knowledge about all types of plants from across the planet.
After completing his training in a variety of natural therapy methods, he started formulating remedies for both patients and other therapists. Driven by a belief in the importance of respecting and connecting with nature, Boaz created all his remedies by handpicking all the plants he used according to season, location, moon cycles, and local traditions.
Today for Kiara, Boaz produces all his products with the precision and attention to details of a pharmacist, and with his conscience and empathy for nature and for people.

Oren Landa, our Kiara Co-Founder, and CEO is a certified Osteopath (MOsT), Naturopath (ND), and movement therapist. He is a true believer in natural medicine and believes whole-heartedly that understanding the holistic way in which our body works is the key to living a better, healthier life.

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Join the global community of highly experienced clinical herbalists, natural therapists, osteopaths and formulators committed to providing clear, professional and reliable information about CBD and natural medicine to those who seek it. Because natural medicine requires the guidance of professionals – not enthusiasts.