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About Us

Kiara Pro is a growing community of health professionals looking to improve the lives of those around us

Since 2005, Kiara has been headquartered in Appenzellerland, Switzerland, where we grow, harvest, and extract only the highest quality plants

Kiara Pro merges the worlds of alternative medical treatments and traditional pharmacopeia to enable health
practitioners to maximize their patients’ experience

Made with Respect

Our remedies are crafted with respect for the earth, the body, and our customers. We use naturally grown, pesticide-free cannabis, alongside other organic, responsibly-sourced plants. We formulate our products in a GMP-certified, FDA-registered facility in the Swiss Alps and undergo third-party testing, guaranteeing only the highest standards of production, safety, and consistency.

The Master Source

Our personal experiences in clinical herbalism and our strong belief in a holistic approach
to healing is visible in each unique plant solution.

Applying our team's extensive knowledge of traditional pharmacopeia, we successfully procure unique
formulations that are relayed upon by thousands of people in our growing community.


Every patient is different, and their individual paths to recovery can vary greatly. We draw on years of professional experience in clinical herbalism and pharmaceutical practice to create genuine, proprietary, and potent formulations that marry the unique healing properties of plants with the precise needs of our customers.

Kiara Care

Community is everything to us - every purchase made through Kiara directly contributes to
subsidizing products for those in great need, but with little means.

Once a month, Kiara provides subsidized treatments to those that are in
need of assistance but do not have access to it.

Join Our Community

Our global community of highly experienced clinical herbalists, natural therapists, osteopaths, and formulators are committed to providing clear, professional, and reliable information about CBD and natural medicine to those who seek it.