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Become an Authorized Kiara Pro Provider

Join Kiara Pro for Exclusive Access to Practitioner Pricing,
Free Consultations, and Business Support for Your Practice

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Join Kiara Pro for Exclusive Access to Practitioner Pricing,
Free Consultations, and Business Support for Your Practice

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Introduce Functional Plant Medicine for a Better Patient Experience

Here are 6 Reasons to become an Authorized
Kiara Pro Provider:

Professional Community - Starting with our founders, Kiara is continuously developing a community of alternative healthcare practitioners whose #1 goal is to improve the health of those around them

Discover a New Set of Tools - Add new modalities to your professional service to attract a new crowd of alternative relief seekers

Enhanced Treatment Adherence - After receiving 1-on-1 instructions on how to use the products, patient treatment adherence (completing the recommended approach) is proven to increase significantly

Keep Your Patients Safe - Offer high-quality adaptogenic products within your practice to ensure your patients don't risk purchasing sub-standard options

Work Smarter, Not Harder - By integrating Kiara Pro into your practice, you can spend more time doing what you love, knowing that your patients are receiving the support they need in between sessions

Support for Your Business - Partner with the leading plant solutions provider for health practitioners to receive free consultations with medical practitioners on how to best serve your patients and business

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Who Can Register as an Authorized Provider?

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    Healthcare Practitioners
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    Traditional Chinese Medicine
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    And More!

We are constantly adding more professions, so if you do not see your specific field, we encourage you to sign up for an account, and our verification team will review your application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I recommend Kiara to my patients?

It is likely that many of your patients have already enquired about, or are even already taking CBD or medical plant products in one way or another.

Public awareness and attitude towards CBD and plant medicine are experiencing a renaissance period, where average consumers are seeking out trusted sources in order to improve their lives in a natural way.

With so many brands offering CBD and supplements, it’s important that your patients are using products that are safe and effective. As an experienced healthcare practitioner and trusted source of health-related information, you are well-positioned to introduce our trusted, naturally grown, CBD plant solutions to them.

I’m a practitioner, not a salesperson - is this complicated?

Kiara’s turn-key solution is custom-built for healthcare professionals. We’ve taken years of firsthand experience in recommending plant solutions, and created a seamless indication-based matching process.

Simply follow the Professional Guide to assist your patients in finding the right product for them. 

Additionally – you can speak with a medical practitioner to get 1-on-1 guidance.

Do you offer a no-inventory option?

Yes! Kiara offers a no-risk, no-inventory option, exclusively available to healthcare professionals. Choose from a selection of educational and marketing materials to send home with your patients, equipped with your personal coupon code. 

Once your patients use your code to select and purchase their product, you are automatically credited with your commission.

Samples are readily available and are greatly encouraged in order to generate interest among your patient base.

I’m unfamiliar with selling products, would this be unprofessional?

Health practitioners of all types are commonly selling and or recommending products to their patient base. There are no violations of any laws and regulations.

How can I learn more about your CBD, Adaptogens, Functional Fungi, and Medicinal Plant Solutions?

We are here to advise you on everything relating to CBD, Adaptogens, Functional Fungi, Medicinal Plant Solutions, and most importantly – how to promote them in your practice!

We offer live guidance and education for all of our practitioners on a monthly basis. These sessions are available throughout the year, and focus on seasonal issues, with special attention to 1-on-1 therapy. To learn more on your own – check out Plant Medicine 101

If you have questions, we invite you to visit our Therapist Service Center