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How Kiara CBD Combines Shamanism With Modern Pharmaceutics

In today’s world of state-of-the-art health services and unprecedented access to traditional and contemporary methods of healing, doctors continue to take a paint-by-numbers approach to treatment. Each physician focuses on their specific field of expertise and directs their talents, time, and energy towards treating a narrow range of symptoms of what ails us.

Somewhere along the way, we lost our connection to the age-old spiritual practices that took a holistic approach to wellness, that looked for ways to cure both the patient’s body and soul.

Holistic healing does just that – it looks at the entire patient, their body, mind, soul, and spirit, instead of seeing them solely as a sum of their different parts. Holistic medicine seeks equilibrium between all the different systems in the body – physical, spiritual, and emotional – with the full knowledge that if one component isn’t working as it should, it can throw everything else out of whack.

And while holistic medicine is a credo of love and caring, it is today met by a skeptical world that has attached a stigma to traditional, time-honored forms of shamanism and spiritual treatments.

Kiara CBD combines Western medicine, ethnobotanical knowledge, and a deep belief in holistic healing. We combine years of experience in natural healing with the same level of rigorous attention that is expected of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies.

We have worked with plant medicine for over a decade, and believe all plants are equal. Some plants offer more for pain, others for inflammatory conditions, and some for energetic spiritual and mental issues.

Kiara represents a journey, a way of life, a wisdom born at the junction of shamanism and spirituality. We realized that the big pharmaceutical companies don’t provide the only answer for today’s consumer and that real alternatives are needed.

Kiara CBD is a company devoted to the mission of providing potent, high-quality CBD products that utilize some of the most therapeutic natural remedies on Earth. Our products take the therapeutic qualities of hemp and enrich them with time-honored natural remedies.

Our products are crafted with time-proven ethnobotanical knowledge and research, and fueled by a commitment to our customers and to Mother Earth.

All of our products are GMP-certified and use responsibly sourced, organic ingredients. We test everything for quality assurance at our GMP certified facility in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

Kiara’s production facility is approved by Phyto pharma GMP and the FDA for food and drug manufacturing. Since the 1980s it has specialized in plant extraction and has always worked under the highest standards.

Our extraction and formulation process combines traditional extraction methods, such as percolation, maceration, chromatography, etc, along with new advanced tech such as ultrasonic extraction and CO2 extraction methods. We also have a few secret methods we’ll keep to ourselves, which are designed specifically to create synergistic and homogeneous extraction of cannabis with other plants.

To be honest though? Our journey with CBD began by accident when one of our founders was deep in the Himalayan mountains.

Who is behind Kiara?

Boaz “Bobo” Lehman, our co-founder and head of RnD and product development embodies the vision of Kiara CBD. Bobo is a wild man and a clinical herbalist, a nature guide and foraging instructor who is never more at home than in the embrace of nature – in a verdant valley wilderness, or under a blanket of stars on a moonless night.

His relationship with plant medicine started in 2009 in the Himalayan mountains where he learned from local medicine men and women. After witnessing the power of plants first-hand, Boaz traveled the world gaining a wealth of first-hand ethnobotanical knowledge about all types of plants from across the planet.

After completing his training in a variety of natural therapy methods, he started formulating remedies for both patients and therapists. Driven by a belief in the importance of respecting and connecting with nature, Boaz made all his remedies by hand picking all the plants he used according to season, location, moon cycles and local traditions.

Today for Kiara, Boaz produces all his products with the precision and attention to details of a pharmacist, and with the conscience and empathy of a shaman.

Oren Landa, Kiara co-founder and CEO, is a trained Osteopath (MOsT), Naturopath (ND), and movement therapist. He is a true believer in holistic and natural medicine and believes whole-heartedly that understanding the natural ways in which our bodies work is key to living better, healthier lives.

Oren began his career in public and private health, where he saw first-hand the folly of ignoring the natural processes in our bodies. This lit a fire under Oren, driving him to search for better ways to help people and teach them about natural, healthier living.

But enough about our founders, what is it that makes our CBD products special?

We are shaman scientists

Let’s start from the very beginning. We use only local, non-GMO, naturally grown and pesticide free cannabis that we supervise from seed to harvest. We regularly tend to our plants and grow them according to rigid and meticulous protocols. We test the soil, the air and the plants regularly to ensure the quality and purity of our products. We only use natural occurring CBD extract from plants, and ensure a 99% purity from our isolates.

This attention to detail goes to the very core of our mission – to spread the word of plant medicine. We want people to know they have an alternative to pharmaceuticals and harmful substances.

Our dream is to someday see people take safe and natural products and leave their pills at home. These alternative medicines are also more eco-friendly and are part of our goal of helping plants, animals, and people live in harmony.

Whether you prioritize pharmaceutical quality or spiritual work, our products don’t force you to sacrifice either one. We give space and respect to ritual and spiritual work, as well as peer-tested science. During planting, harvest, and processing we follow rigid protocols and test and measure everything. But our work is not complete until we perform the rituals and ceremonies needed to clean, purify, and solidify our intentions in real action.

Which rituals do we use? We combine different traditions from the native American red path to the shamanic cultures of Mexico and local European traditions. We incorporate traditional blessings as well as tools such as feathers and crystals. We believe it is important that every person involved in the creation of the product leaves their bad energies and experiences off the production floor.

After preparation, we perform rituals praying that these products bring relief to people – that our lotions soothe the body, that our tinctures relieve pain – that our capsules make the mind sharper and more focused.

From formulation to the product shelf – we make sure our customers get the highest purity and quality possible. This is central to our mission and drives so much of what makes Kiara CBD special – better wellness for our modern world, navigated by the wisdom of the Earth, and our elders.

Organic Swiss hemp

Made in Switzerland

Used by Practitioners in clinics

Made in a GMP & Swiss Medic approved facility

Lab tested by third party

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