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Sleeping better, the natural way

By Oren Landa (Osteopath, Naturopath)


You are not alone

Sleeping disorders are some of the most common problems of modern men and women. In some countries more than 40% of the population suffer from some form of sleeping disorder. That’s nearly 1 out of every 2 people! It’s such a big problem that sleeping disorders and associated treatments are estimated to cost the US government over 130 billion dollars a year. These figures reveal the depth of the problem, and that we should be treating sleeping disorders as a pandemic.

Although it is seemingly a minor issue to some, for those of us who suffer from them, sleeping disorders can make waking life extremely hard. In the short term, disrupted sleep can lead to physical fatigue, muscle pain, reduced cognition, irritability, anxiety, stress and depression. In the long term, sleeping disorders can lead to reduced vitality, hormonal diseases, lower immunity, digestive disorders and slower healing. There are even studies linking long term impaired sleep with increased risk of cancer. In most cases, it first and foremost substantially reduces our quality of life and enjoyment.


Sleeping is crucial to health

In the course of healthy living, there are fewer things more important than sleep. Besides being a pleasurable and much appreciated part of our day, sleep is an essential part of a healthy life. Our minds might drift away, but during sleep our body is extremely active. During healthy sleep, our digestion, detoxification and healing processes get the resources and time they need to work their magic.

For an action that requires seemingly no action at all, sleeping is an extremely complex and intricate thing to do. Like all complex things in the human body, it involves and is dependent on countless factors for success. This means that treating sleep disorders is hard, and sadly in many cases treatment only offers temporary relief.


Why are we not sleeping?

The interconnected systems and processes involved needed for and dependent on sleep make it really hard to determine the cause of bad or reduced sleep. Is sleep disturbance a disease that causes other symptoms? or is it a symptom caused by other factors? Of course this is very individual and every person is different. The most common sleeping “disease” is called insomnia.

Insomnia is not a disease per say, it’s a disorder. Similar to all disorders it is a collection of symptoms and criteria that are bunched together to describe a situation. In this case, a persistent problem of falling and staying asleep. From its definition, we can understand that insomnia is in fact addressing a symptom, which is disturbed sleep.

Our biological clocks regulate our body and tell it to release different hormones and signal molecules (such as cytokines for inflammation) during the night. Cortisol is secreted during the day peaking during the morning. Hormones for sleep and relaxation when the sun goes down, other for energy and power when the sun rises. When we lived closer to nature and more connected to the natural rhythm of our environment, this happened very naturally. Today we are living in a very different world. Lights during the night, including stressful stimuli such as blue light from screens, driving cars, working late hours and eating late at night are all counter intuitive for our bodies. An animal that is stressed cannot afford to relax and sleep. If there is a constant threat to it’s system (even if we don’t see it as a stress, I mean it’s just a movie) or to it’s family (financial concerns, domestic arguments and just day to day household chores) no animal would be able to enjoy a good sleep. Humans are the same.

Because sleep is such a sensitive mechanism, it’s natural that emotional or psychological dis-ease can impair sleep. Of Course physical pain such as back pain or neck pain can make sleeping a nightmare. Late night eating and drinking causes the body to secrete hormones that promote rest and digest, but do not support sleep. Especially if we need to wake up to go to the toilet.


Conventional treatment

Those of us that suffer from sleeping disorders would do anything for a good night’s sleep. At least to begin with. Conventional treatments offered by doctors and clinics focus mostly around symptom relief. The most common solution is medication known as “sleeping pills”. These synthetic chemical drugs over ride the body’s natural state and basically drug us into sleep. They do not treat the cause of the problem. In many cases, doctors will prescribe these again and again without even addressing some basic things that can have huge effects. Over the past decade, we are seeing an increase in doctors prescribing anxiety medication for sleep. These were never even intended for treating sleep, but because one of the side effects is drowsiness, and anxiety can cause or be caused by a lack of sleep doctors used them too often. Besides not treating the actual cause, these medications  can be extremely dangerous. They cause dependency and you build up a tolerance for them very quickly. In some cases people can no longer sleep without them.

Another issue is that for those that do manage to get some sleep relief with medication, a major side effect is the feeling detached from life while being awake. Reports of a sense of having a vail between them and the world. Reduced pleasure, joy, sadness and a whole range of emotions and sensations that substantially reduce their quality of life.


We have the power – take control of your sleeping health

The wonderful thing about sleep is that it is very affected by our lifestyle, and therefore responds very well to lifestyle changes.  Here are some simple, cheap, effective and easy changes that you can do to take control of your sleep.

  1. Reduce caffeine levels – today’s lifestyle demands high performance on all levels. Stimulants such as coffee, caffeinated tea, cacao and sugar force our nervous system into a fight or flight mode. Having many of these repeatedly throughout the day has an accumulating effect that even if we are then tired and ready to shut off our minds, our bodies cannot. Make sure you don’t drink any caffeinated or sweetened drinks after 16:00, and limit these to 3 a day in total. Drastically reducing these  can be hard and even cause headaches and fatigue, but this is only a sign for how damaging they can be and how dependent our bodies become.


  1. Avoid Blue light 30 minutes before going to bed – this means no phone, laptop or TV screens. Blue light stimulates our stress neurons and reduces the secretion of Melatonin. Allow them to calm down before bedtime.


  1. Drink a soothing tea – Chamomile, lavender or Melissa are great herbs to relax the nervous system and get you ready to sleep. Infact, having these plants near your bed or putting a drop of either of their essential oils is proven to improve sleep.


  1. Get into a sleep rhythm – Our biological clock governs so many processes in our body. Just like adjusting to jet lag in a new time zone, we can train our body back into a healthy rhythm. A strict sleep regime can change your life. its simple; make sure you always get 8 hours (or as close as you can get to that) a day. Set a sleep time and a wake time that no matter what you stick to. Make sure you’re in bed before 23:00 and distraction free. Then no matter how little or how much sleep you had you wake up and get out of bed by 07:00. Avoid napping during the day. You might feel tired during the day, but resist! Like any activity, also sleep can be trained and it takes practice to make it perfect. Sleep training is a huge and expanding science that is helping millions of people!


  1. Calm your mind. lay in bed and breath focusing only on your breath. This mindfulness sleeping trick will be great for your sleep and your feeling the next day. Breathing out stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and will set a good relaxation cascade in your body. Meditation has been proven to improve sleep in even the most severe situations. Everytime your mind drifts away from our breath, calmly and happily bring your attention back to your breath. Do not judge yourself for drifting to other thoughts, this also takes training.


You will get better


As with any long lasting disorder, healing takes time. You wouldn’t expect a fractured bone to heal in one night, or just after one day of rest and elevation. Sleep is the same. Small changes, persistent and with the knowledge that you will get better will improve your sleep. With the right attitude, mindset and patience you will get better, but only you have the power to change it.


If we can support you in any way, please do not hesitate to write us an email at info@kiaranaturals.com and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible.

Organic Swiss hemp

Made in Switzerland

Used by Practitioners in clinics

Made in a GMP & Swiss Medic approved facility

Lab tested by third party

60 day money back guarantee

Natural and easy ways to reduce skin irritation

By Boaz Lehman (clinical herbalist) and Oren Landa (Osteopath, Naturopath).

The Skin is the largest organ in the human body. Yes, its an organ, and it has a huge role in maintaining our health. The skin is our first line of defense from the outside world, it regulates body temperature, produces hormones and makes us look great. Besides these more obvious roles, the most overlooked and perhaps the most important role the skin has in health is as an elimination organ. Our skin is constantly helping us remove compounds such as minerals (like salt) and toxins. Left over molecules from hormones, bacteria, proteins, and viruses are excreted via our skin out of our system, which is a vital function for healthy living. Its like a two-way protective suite, allowing needed things in, and redundant things out.

Once we understand the elimination purpose, we can have another perspective on how our skin behaves and how to treat it. In many traditional medicine disciplines (TCM, Ayurveda, Osteopathy and more) chronic skin conditions and irritations arise from an internal cause. The irritation is seen as a symptom of the cleansing process.


This means that we can treat the symptom with external help (such as creams and ointments), but we can also do much more by supporting our system through healthier living.


Many chronic skin conditions flair up in times of stress and anxiety. This is a very common occurrence and in many cases something that is overlooked by doctors and even the patience. Trying to be aware of when flair ups happen and our emotional state in the weeks before is crucial to better understand our condition.

Negative stress (because not all stress is bad) causes our body to release hormones that ensure we are ready for action. By increasing our sympathetic nervous system (the fight or flight mode) these hormones move resources in to muscle power, energy production and cognitive function, and away from fundamental actions such as digestion, recovery, immunity and elimination. So first things first, improve your stress management.

Simple things such as mindful breathing (focusing on long and slow exhalations), short nature walks, spend some time with loved friends or family and laughing are great ways to do this. There are countless studies showing the benefits of simple stress reducing activities on chronic skin conditions.

Part of the benefits of being outside, is sun light. The suns UV rays are proven to reduce symptoms and progression in many types of Psoriasis and other skin conditions. Its important to not over due it and be well protect from the sun, but regular short exposure to sun light is extremely beneficial. It would also directly reduce the symptoms, but it will also improve your mood and the release of happy hormones (including Vitamin D), which will reduce stress and boost your bodies cleansing mechanisms.

Helping your system by actively avoiding toxins that are hindering its function is a great, cheap and easy way to help yourself. In the process, you will also become more aware of what you are putting in and on your body. Smoking tobacco and E-liquids, Alcohol, medication, processed foods and drinks with additives and industrial meat and vegetables can bring into our bodies countless harmful molecules. Overtime, these can overload our cleansing systems. In conditions such as psoriasis  (considered an auto immune disease), in which the immune system is overactive, imagine how an overload of unwanted material can cause an overreaction of the immune system. Sure, many of these substances are considered safe, but the accumulated long-term effects can appear as an overactive immune response. Try to get natural and organic foods. Today it is easy to find local suppliers online that deliver locally grown organic fruits, vegetables and meat at fair prices. Take advantage of the growing popularity and get high quality foods.

Remember that our skin is a two-way protective suite? So also, things from the outside like soaps, detergents, air pollution, funguses and chemical that touch our skin can be absorbed and cause irritation and skin reactions. Today there are many natural substitutes to traditional chemical body and dish soaps, shampoos, face creams and any other hygienic or cosmetic products. Take the time to really look through your cleaning closet and bathroom counter. Read what is inside these products and see if you can recognize the ingredients. If it’s a no, think about replacing them with a more natural solution. A simple example is vinegar based house cleaning goods and coconut-based cosmetics.


Finally, movement.

Moving the body though regular exercise and activity will help the elimination process, healing, boost your immune system and help your body in endless ways. Sweating and increasing heart rate can be hard to begin with and cause worst symptoms in already irritated skin areas. In the long run, it will be worth it. Studies show that regular physical activity reduces Psoriasis, can help with eczema, moderate histamine reactions, and improve overall health.





Having chronic conditions of any kind is extremely challenging and painful, but you can take control over your own health. Millions of people are suffering from conditions such as yourself, and more and more of them are searching for natural and safe ways to deal with them. If we truly wish to better our health, we must listen to what our bodies are telling us, and better understand their needs.  If you have any question, need any support, have a remark and a disagreement with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us on the email.


Organic Swiss hemp

Made in Switzerland

Used by Practitioners in clinics

Made in a GMP & Swiss Medic approved facility

Lab tested by third party

60 day money back guarantee

Stop taking this “natural” supplement

Many people are becoming more and more aware of the harmful effects of prescription medication.  These same concerned citizens are turning to natural alternatives.

As a consequence, the market for nutritional supplements (also known as dietary supplements) and “natural” solutions has exploded. As with any market opportunity, companies are using this new interest to increase sales, which leads to a lot of misleading information, contradictory messages, and unfortunately, misuse of potentially harmful substances

Dietary supplements promise to be safe and natural. They are subject to fewer restrictions, regulations and testing than their more harmful equivalents in the pharmaceutical realm.

On the one hand, this is great and makes remedies accessible to all, giving us the power to treat ourselves with safe and natural products. On the other hand, this leaves us vulnerable to sophisticated marketing, unreliable company ethics, and potentially unregulated or tested products.

We all want to go natural, take responsibility for our own health and have access to tools that allow that. But what happens when a seemingly “natural” remedy is so powerful and aggressive that it has the power to actually harm us?

Let’s take melatonin as an example.

Melatonin is the number one supplement recommended for sleep. Type in the words “sleep,” “remedy” and “natural,” and nine times out of ten, melatonin will be in all your search results for five pages.

But what is melatonin, really?

Melatonin is an endogenous hormone (meaning we make it ourselves). It is made by converting an amino acid called L-tryptophan into serotonin, which is then converted into melatonin by the pineal gland at the base of our brain. It is also produced by many other cells in the human body, such as in the GIT. It is present in many foods, such as bananas, walnuts, and rice.

It’s a reasonable alternative to harmful sleeping meds, and companies are doing their best to make sure you know it.

So what’s the problem?

First of all, melatonin does not just impact sleep. It has also been shown to affect the immune system, inflammation levels, and blood pressure. This makes it potentially harmful to a wide range of people with chronic conditions.

Secondly, there is nothing natural about the melatonin you are taking! The melatonin in supplements is 100% synthetic, chemical in composition, and made in a laboratory.

Because of that, it is mainly produced by the same pharma companies that are making prescription medications. So it’s actually more of a medication than a supplement.

Third, a powerful medication marketed as a supplement is not subject to the same regulations as medications that are marketed as medications. This leads to potentially harmful and poor quality products.

When comparing over-the-counter melatonin products, medical experts find there is a huge variation in potency, availability and release time. There are even misleading labels that promise this or that and are, in fact, completely inaccurate.

Because of its natural role in the body, and like any hormone, naturally-produced melatonin is extremely valuable to overall health and wellness.

There are melatonin receptors in nearly every cell of the human body. Melatonin functions similarly to other hormones and neurotransmitters. That means, when there is a lot of it in our blood, the body wants to use all of it because it’s precious.

The body can make accelerated use of hormones, like melatonin, by increasing the number of available receptors. The typical melatonin user will, unknowingly, trigger this biological function, creating more receptors for melatonin.

That means, when someone stops taking melatonin, he or she will have too many receptors. The body is then not producing enough melatonin to keep all those receptors functioning.

Also, when we give our bodies excessive amounts of a very valuable substance, a positive feedback loop tells the body we have enough, so it does not need to make more of it. In other words, taking melatonin supplements can damage your body’s ability to make melatonin naturally.

We can look at it this way: Let’s say I’m in the desert, and I’m collecting water. I am working hard to collect every drop of it from dew and rainwater.

Then, one year, a water company sends me a water truck with a year’s worth of water. Now I am overwhelmed. Instead of focusing on collecting natural rain, I am building collection tanks, and gardens and planting fruit trees so that I can use all this water.

A month later, this truck leaves. Now, I have all these collecting tanks, gardens and plantations that need a lot more water than I have. Also, I have neglected collecting my own water, so I am actually worse off than when I originally started.

That’s how melatonin receptors work. An excess of melatonin tells the body to make less melatonin itself.

Of course, no one is looking into the long-term effects that melatonin abuse has on the body. Why would they? A pharmaceutical product that is sold over the counter as natural medicine is a lucrative business. It works well for big pharma, not so well for the customer.

So let’s say we can’t sleep (which is probably not even related to our melatonin levels). We can take a synthetic chemical called melatonin, which causes us to be less sensitive to our own hormones, and leads us to make less of it.  A melatonin user may, in the short term, get more sleep. But he or she is also likely to be developing a dependency on the substance.

It is true that, as we get older, the pineal gland, which produces our body’s natural melatonin, shrinks. But this does not mean we don’t have enough melatonin.

If you have sleep disturbances, there are other methods of addressing the problem. Support your bodies organic natural processes, don’t override them. Temporary relief with long term consequences is not the way to go. Read more about our all-natural CBD and medicinal plants Deep Sleep and Relax Tincture.

Or talk to your doctor. Melatonin supplements are not the answer.

Organic Swiss hemp

Made in Switzerland

Used by Practitioners in clinics

Made in a GMP & Swiss Medic approved facility

Lab tested by third party

60 day money back guarantee

How Kiara CBD Combines Shamanism With Modern Pharmaceutics

In today’s world of state-of-the-art health services and unprecedented access to traditional and contemporary methods of healing, doctors continue to take a paint-by-numbers approach to treatment. Each physician focuses on their specific field of expertise and directs their talents, time, and energy towards treating a narrow range of symptoms of what ails us.

Somewhere along the way, we lost our connection to the age-old spiritual practices that took a holistic approach to wellness, that looked for ways to cure both the patient’s body and soul.

Holistic healing does just that – it looks at the entire patient, their body, mind, soul, and spirit, instead of seeing them solely as a sum of their different parts. Holistic medicine seeks equilibrium between all the different systems in the body – physical, spiritual, and emotional – with the full knowledge that if one component isn’t working as it should, it can throw everything else out of whack.

And while holistic medicine is a credo of love and caring, it is today met by a skeptical world that has attached a stigma to traditional, time-honored forms of shamanism and spiritual treatments.

Kiara CBD combines Western medicine, ethnobotanical knowledge, and a deep belief in holistic healing. We combine years of experience in natural healing with the same level of rigorous attention that is expected of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies.

We have worked with plant medicine for over a decade, and believe all plants are equal. Some plants offer more for pain, others for inflammatory conditions, and some for energetic spiritual and mental issues.

Kiara represents a journey, a way of life, a wisdom born at the junction of shamanism and spirituality. We realized that the big pharmaceutical companies don’t provide the only answer for today’s consumer and that real alternatives are needed.

Kiara CBD is a company devoted to the mission of providing potent, high-quality CBD products that utilize some of the most therapeutic natural remedies on Earth. Our products take the therapeutic qualities of hemp and enrich them with time-honored natural remedies.

Our products are crafted with time-proven ethnobotanical knowledge and research, and fueled by a commitment to our customers and to Mother Earth.

All of our products are GMP-certified and use responsibly sourced, organic ingredients. We test everything for quality assurance at our GMP certified facility in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

Kiara’s production facility is approved by Phyto pharma GMP and the FDA for food and drug manufacturing. Since the 1980s it has specialized in plant extraction and has always worked under the highest standards.

Our extraction and formulation process combines traditional extraction methods, such as percolation, maceration, chromatography, etc, along with new advanced tech such as ultrasonic extraction and CO2 extraction methods. We also have a few secret methods we’ll keep to ourselves, which are designed specifically to create synergistic and homogeneous extraction of cannabis with other plants.

To be honest though? Our journey with CBD began by accident when one of our founders was deep in the Himalayan mountains.

Who is behind Kiara?

Boaz “Bobo” Lehman, our co-founder and head of RnD and product development embodies the vision of Kiara CBD. Bobo is a wild man and a clinical herbalist, a nature guide and foraging instructor who is never more at home than in the embrace of nature – in a verdant valley wilderness, or under a blanket of stars on a moonless night.

His relationship with plant medicine started in 2009 in the Himalayan mountains where he learned from local medicine men and women. After witnessing the power of plants first-hand, Boaz traveled the world gaining a wealth of first-hand ethnobotanical knowledge about all types of plants from across the planet.

After completing his training in a variety of natural therapy methods, he started formulating remedies for both patients and therapists. Driven by a belief in the importance of respecting and connecting with nature, Boaz made all his remedies by hand picking all the plants he used according to season, location, moon cycles and local traditions.

Today for Kiara, Boaz produces all his products with the precision and attention to details of a pharmacist, and with the conscience and empathy of a shaman.

Oren Landa, Kiara co-founder and CEO, is a trained Osteopath (MOsT), Naturopath (ND), and movement therapist. He is a true believer in holistic and natural medicine and believes whole-heartedly that understanding the natural ways in which our bodies work is key to living better, healthier lives.

Oren began his career in public and private health, where he saw first-hand the folly of ignoring the natural processes in our bodies. This lit a fire under Oren, driving him to search for better ways to help people and teach them about natural, healthier living.

But enough about our founders, what is it that makes our CBD products special?

We are shaman scientists

Let’s start from the very beginning. We use only local, non-GMO, naturally grown and pesticide free cannabis that we supervise from seed to harvest. We regularly tend to our plants and grow them according to rigid and meticulous protocols. We test the soil, the air and the plants regularly to ensure the quality and purity of our products. We only use natural occurring CBD extract from plants, and ensure a 99% purity from our isolates.

This attention to detail goes to the very core of our mission – to spread the word of plant medicine. We want people to know they have an alternative to pharmaceuticals and harmful substances.

Our dream is to someday see people take safe and natural products and leave their pills at home. These alternative medicines are also more eco-friendly and are part of our goal of helping plants, animals, and people live in harmony.

Whether you prioritize pharmaceutical quality or spiritual work, our products don’t force you to sacrifice either one. We give space and respect to ritual and spiritual work, as well as peer-tested science. During planting, harvest, and processing we follow rigid protocols and test and measure everything. But our work is not complete until we perform the rituals and ceremonies needed to clean, purify, and solidify our intentions in real action.

Which rituals do we use? We combine different traditions from the native American red path to the shamanic cultures of Mexico and local European traditions. We incorporate traditional blessings as well as tools such as feathers and crystals. We believe it is important that every person involved in the creation of the product leaves their bad energies and experiences off the production floor.

After preparation, we perform rituals praying that these products bring relief to people – that our lotions soothe the body, that our tinctures relieve pain – that our capsules make the mind sharper and more focused.

From formulation to the product shelf – we make sure our customers get the highest purity and quality possible. This is central to our mission and drives so much of what makes Kiara CBD special – better wellness for our modern world, navigated by the wisdom of the Earth, and our elders.

Organic Swiss hemp

Made in Switzerland

Used by Practitioners in clinics

Made in a GMP & Swiss Medic approved facility

Lab tested by third party

60 day money back guarantee

Why GMP Certification is a Must for any CBD Company

Today we are starting to hear the term GMP within the CBD sector more often. But what is a GMP certification? What is its significance to you, the end consumer? What does it mean to the future of this young industry and the businesses operating within this sector? Let’s take a closer look.

What is a GMP certification?

Good Manufacturing Practice or GMP, for short, is a set of standards enforced and validated by the FDA or another competent authority within the EU/EEA, that ensure manufacturers meet specific standards throughout their entire production and packaging operation. GMP protocols intend to hold manufacturers in various industries to a high standard of consistency and standard of practice. This ensures not only the efficacy of the end product but also safety for consumers and the workforce.

To receive a GMP certification, manufacturers must adhere to strict guidelines surrounding many aspects of their production process from start to finish. These include, but are not limited to, parameters such as the following.

  • Acquisition of raw material
  • Record keeping
  • Training of employees
  • Sanitation standards and processes
  • Manufacturing process validation
  • Batch consistency
  • Quality control from start to finish
  • Batch recall process that is effective and clear to all parties

Most commonly, GMP certifications are required for manufacturing products such as cosmetics, medical devices, veterinary and animal products, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, and even some foods and dietary supplements. However, today, there is a reasonably new sector that is starting to embrace the value of a GMP certification.

The CBD industry was worth $311.8 million in 2019, according to the latest reports from IndustryResearch.biz and is expected to grow to over $1.2 billion by 2024. It is essential that the groundwork for consistency, purity, and good manufacturing products be put in place now as this infant industry grows to maturity in the coming years.

Why third-party-testing is no longer enough

Third-party testing is great to show that what you say is in your product. Aspects such as purity, terpene profiles, and cannabinoid content can be verified to a great consistency through third-party testing. However, was the product handled with care from start to finish? There is no way to know. A GMP certification takes product quality, consistency, and purity to an elevated level!

Just because it says CBD on the outside, doesn’t mean there’s CBD inside

There is a severe gap in the standards of testing and regulation of CBD products. This is especially true in comparison to regulations and standards surrounding foods, beverages, cosmetics, and other consumer products that we ingest or apply topically to our skin. CBD, however, has little to no oversight, and there is still much confusion as to what is legal, what is safe, and various other aspects of this sector and the products it offers.

A study from a Penn Medicine researcher, Marcel Bonn-Miller Ph.D., an adjunct assistant professor of Psychology and Psychiatry in Pennsylvania, found that only 30% of CBD products purchased online actually contained the CBD content that was listed on the product label. In this study, which analyzed 84 products from 31 companies, researchers found that 42% of products contained more CBD than what was advertised, and 26% contained less.

This discrepancy between what’s on the label and in the final product exists despite repeated warnings by the FDA to CBD companies. “Over the past several years, [the] FDA has issued several warning letters to firms that market unapproved new drugs that allegedly contain cannabidiol (CBD). As part of these actions, the FDA has tested the chemical content of cannabinoid compounds in some of the products, and many were found to not contain the levels of CBD they claimed to contain,” the FDA writes on its page detailing all warning letters sent.

The lack of regulation in combination with the fact that labs can set their own standards for quality for production is a recipe for disaster for an industry that is as sensitive and young as this and offers no value of safety or stability for an already confused end-user.

The same lack of precision is also true for medical cannabis products.

study from researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine and the Werc Shop Laboratory titled “Cannabinoid Dose and Label Accuracy in Edible Medical Cannabis Products” examined 75 edible medical cannabis products. Of those 75 products, 44 (59%) had detectable levels of CBD while only 13 had CBD content labeled. Of those 13 products, four were underlabeled for CBD while nine were overlabeled. All in all, “50% of products evaluated had significantly less cannabinoid content than labeled, with some products containing negligible amounts of THC.”

Kiara CBD – GMP-certified for your safety

Kiara CBD is not only third party tested for potency and purity, but it is also fully GMP-certified to ensure that consumers are receiving only the highest quality of product possible that is handled with care and safety in mind from start to finish. During the manufacturing of Kiara CBD products, every step of production is monitored, registered, tested, and supervised to guarantee you get the best CBD product. All Kiara CBD products are tested before they leave the lab. This ensures that you get exactly what is written on the label. Additionally, all lab results, analyses, reports, and certifications are available online.

Kiara CBD was created with an underlying mission of promoting high-quality, potent CBD products enhanced and empowered by the need for natural plant remedies. Our products are rich and complex, designed to not only enhance but also to complement the therapeutic qualities of hemp. By combining the power of plant-derived substances with rich time-proven ethnobotanical knowledge and the latest cutting edge research, we can offer you the consistently high-quality CBD products that will increase your quality of life.

Kiara CBD believes in the power of being transparent in our standards and processes. By obtaining and maintaining our GMP certification, we can ensure that we are doing just that and providing you with the best products possible!

Organic Swiss hemp

Made in Switzerland

Used by Practitioners in clinics

Made in a GMP & Swiss Medic approved facility

Lab tested by third party

60 day money back guarantee